People worship Vighnaharta Lord Ganesh

By Pradeep Kumar

BALASORE, Sept 19: Uncounted pandals in homes and public places came up across the world to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Utsav with traditional rituals on Tuesday that marked the birth of Lord Ganesha, The Lord is worshipped as Vighnaharta for 10 days by devotees and on last day the idol is immersed in water.

But Sai Sibani, a class-IV student, daughter of Shanti and Sadananda Mahalik, drew everybody’s attention in Balasore’s Chandari Padia sarbajanik puja pandal, as she was carrying a Lord Ganesh idol made by herself.

According to mythology, one day, Goddess Parvati felt lonely in Kailash without her elder son Kartikaeya, and husband Lord Shiva. So, she created her younger son Vinayaka and asked him to stop anyone from entering while she was bathing. Thus, Vinayaka guarded the entrance and stopped everyone from entering, especially Lord Shiva. Furious by such act, Lord Shiva beheaded him with his trident. Learning about this tragedy, the Goddess becomes too anraged. She demanded her son back safely orelse she would destroy the world.

The trident destroyed the head of Ganesha. Hence, Lord Shiva joined an elephant’s head for him regain life. Satisfied and happy, the Goddess cooled down. Lord Shiva designated Vinayaka as chief of Lord Shiva’s Ganas and given the name Ganesha or Ganapati and first tobe worshipped among all gods. He was blessed with Vighnaharta powers, making him the destroyer of all obstacles for anyone.

Vighnaharta Ganesh, the longest running ancient Hindu TV series in India by Sony Entertainment Television started airing on 22.08.17 and 1,026 episodes had concluded on 12.11.21.

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