APWWS seeks DC Mehta’s urgent steps to combat trafficking of minor girls

ITANAGAR, May 13: A team of Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) led by president Kani Nada Maling submitted a representation to Itanagar Capital Region DC Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta on Monday requesting urgent actions to combat trafficking of minor girls.

The APWWS, as an apex women’s organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights and welfare of women and girls in Arunachal Pradesh, is deeply concerned about recent incident that has brought to light the alarming issue of trafficking of minor girls for illegal activities within the ICR.

The gravity of this situation needs immediate and decisive action to address the root causes and prevent further exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

The representation sought immediate cancellation of licenses of hotels and beauty parlours involved in facilitating illegal activities, particularly trafficking of minor girls as swift action would serve as a deterrent and signal zero-tolerance policy towards such reprehensible practices, implementation of stringent measures to prevent recurrence of such heinous incidents, mandatory production of identity cards from all guests while checking into hotels and submission of daily guest entry log to district administration and the SP for thorough scrutiny.

These measures will prevent oversight and enhance accountability to deter illicit activities and ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals, particularly minor girls.

Proper verification of beauty parlours licenses would ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Those parlours operating without licenses and may be engaging in such unscrupulous activities, like prostitution, should be shut down.

The security measures at all entry and exit points, like Banderdewa, Gumto and Hollongi, within the district should be strengthened. Heightened vigilance t these checkpoints are essential to intercept and deter individuals engaged in trafficking and other illegal activities.

“We are ready to collaborate with the district administration and law enforcement authorities to ensure effective implementation of these measures to eradicate trafficking and exploitation.

The team also met his officer and submitted a copy met ICR SP Rohit Rajbir Singh, lauded him, and extended support as and when needed and submitted copy of the representation to IMC commissioner, according to an APWWS release.

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