Gajraj Corps’s health camp benefits 94  border villagers

GUWAHATI, June 10: Remote Mago village, under Thingbu circle of Tawang district, first village of India being located close to Indo-China border, recently saw a comprehensive medical and eye camp, organized by a team of doctors of Gajraj Corps of Indian Army to offer much-needed healthcare services to the needy population.

Total 94 patients were screened for various ailments, diagnostic tests conducted, medicines given with due consultations. The primary focus was on addressing ocular health issues, which are prevalent in remote areas due to a lack of regular medical attention and harsh environmental conditions. Out of 94 patients screened including eye cases, 11 were diagnosed with cataracts wan undergo surgery in a phase-wise manner with post-operative support to improve quality of their life.

The doctors stressed the importance of reaching out to remote communities, saying, “Our mission is to ensure that no individual is left behind for healthcare. We aim to bring quality medical services to the doorstep of those who need it the most, regardless of their location.    Hinting at collaborative efforts needed for such initiatives, they acknowledged support of local authorities and volunteers. The success of this camp was a result of teamwork and collective will to make a difference, they added.

The medical camp was part of a broader initiative aimed at raising awareness on regular medical check-ups, availability of treatment options and enhancing healthcare access in remote and underserved regions of the country. The Gajraj Corps plans to conduct similar camps in other isolated villages to bridge the healthcare gap.

The village, nestled in rugged terrains is known for its challenging access routes, has limited healthcare infrastructure due to its remoteness. The effort to bring medical aid to this secluded area is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Indian Army to boost its bonhomie with local population through such initiative. (PRO, Defence)

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