Ending VIP culture key to Arunachal Dev: Tatung

Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar: Tara

Jo jita ohi Sikandar (He who win is King), said Kyoshi Likha Tara, one of the four 8th Dan rank holders of India-cum-election campaign committee chairman, who explained the nitty-gritty of  his plan, saying they worked day and night with team spirit to achieve the goal with the god’s grace.

Though the constituency has 99.9% Christians, but 55% initially did not support but the plan changed the game, he said and urged Tatung being well-educated not to belief gossips. He asked the locals not to trouble him for petty issues but support him for their greater welfare.

He congratulated Kamin for his 3rd time victory in a distant land and asked Soni never to develop lackadaisical attitude, besides asking the trio to work for the people.


By Pradeep Kumar

TALO, July 10:  End to VIP culture key to development of Arunachal Pradesh, said newly elected Yachuli MLA Toko Tatung to evoke thunderous applause from over 4,000 people of Keyi Panior district, mostly of Yachuli Assembly constituency, and many of Bordumsa-Diyun Assembly constituency besides from Nagaland, who were listening in pin drop silence here on Tuesday.

Tatung, addressing a victory-cum-thanks giving celebration at a hill top overlooking lush green mountains here in presence of his mother Toko Senia, 72, arranged for three worthy sons of the soil, including MLA Nikh Kamin of state’s lone unreserved seat in Changlang district and MLA Likha Soni of Lekang in Namsai district. While Tatung and Kamin are from Talo, Soni is from nearby Ambam village, all belonging to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Saluting the invisible almighty as chief guest of the event, he said that the MLAs being people’s representatives have to discard their so called VIP image to be amidst own people, the electors, sit on the ground at gram panchayat level, the bedrock of Indian democracy, to listen to them. Quality development would be a foregone conclusion once the legislators, officers, PRI leaders, GBs, the masses, including youth and women unite, he said with conviction.

“I don’t know how I became MLA. But, I have huge responsibilities now for Yachuli, inhabited by most political conscious people of the state and credited with producing top leaders, technocrats and bureaucrats of Nyishi Community. Thus, I am tongue-tied,” he said without mincing any words.

“Immediately after election, I conducted first meeting with HoDs led by the DC and engineers followed by site inspection to assess level of progress of the constituency. The findings were aghast, like lone college’s G+3 building was in a wrenched condition with roof leaking, toilets and bath rooms dirty. Moreover, a three-metre long school room was built with few lakhs by the contractor who was the head master himself and a Govt school building was coming up with pillars built with four thin iron rods and its roof casting was in process, which he stopped fearing it would collapse.

“The most shocking was construction of a RCC building of Govt upper primary school worth Rs 2.2 crore with zero enrolment”, he said while expressing dismay over misuse of public fund through corrupt practices and assured to raise the issue in the next Assembly session.

“The other day, I heard a group on seeing me shouted Toko Tatung, Jinda Baad. I stopped them saying I am yet to start work. Let me work for four years and if you become satisfied, this slogan would be justified then,” he said to prove that he believes in works not in words.

“Instead of obstructing me, strengthen my hands and I assure you to make Yachuli or the district a development role model in South East Asia. I have a plan to make a vision for document with a new dream after taking feedbacks from all stakeholders and officers and implement that in a phase-wise manner. But as he questioned ‘Are you ready?’, haan (yes) sound rented the air.

“If per capita income is criteria for socio-economic development, West Kameng district in 2019–2020 topped with Rs 2,63,701 while undivided Lower Subansiri district was at the bottom with Rs 1, 13,167,” he said, adding “If studying from Govt primary school, whose roof was leaking, I could reach Delhi University to study BA (sociology) and set up E&K Restaurant, why not others”, he questioned?

Appreciating Keyi Panior & Lower Subansiri districts’ ZPC Likha Sangchuri, who was present, for managing funds to build 40 panchyat bhawans, he announced to set up a computer centre in each bhawan with wi-fi for the students to study and villagers to avail the facility, like checking annual operating plan sanctioned by annual budget of the state Govt. Same wi-fi facility would also be given in college and all higher secondary schools, he said.

“The students of residential school pay Rs 1,000 for fooding, which I have discussed with the DC and he assured to pay Rs 5 lakh from the untied fund annually and I have decided to pay same amount from MLA Local Area Development Fund to make fooding free from students,” he announced to thunderous clapping of the gathering.  He also hoped that Kamin being senior would continue to guide him in all his future endeavours.

“Defeating a former top engineer, sitting local MLA and minister of the ruling BJP was unthinkable, but it was god’s desire for which Tatung won”, Kamin said, adding that truth always hurts but sweet talkers turns negative later.

He cited his example of winning from Yachuli in 2004 when he tried to unite the people, but lost in 2009, but elected in 2014 from Bordumsa-Diyun seat and lost from the seat in 2019. I have been elected again in 2024 from Bordumsa-Diyun, which is a replica of mini-India and all inhabitants leave peacefully with communal harmony.

“My strong supporters, like Molen Agun, commanding 7,000 voters, worked with commitment and I was in the constituency only for 11 days and never met the voters but own,” he said with happiness writ large on his face. The NCP would win 10 seats in next election, he said and clarified the meaning of Christian as “known yourself and allow fortune to take its own course.”

“My victory from Lekang in Namsai district of Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein surprised many. I worked with confidence toeing clean election policy without money and won with the support of voters with the god’s grace.

“People say that one needs Rs 100 to Rs 200 crore to win in state Assembly election, which I have proved wrong. Time is ripe for social reformation whose seeds have been sown by the Nyishi Baptist Church Council pastors and ministers, he said, adding Yachuli has made me proud for which I have to reciprocate. Thus, we will take with us all those who have even not voted for ensuring inclusive growth”, he added.

Speeches of few senior citizens proved political consciousness of the people. District NCP president Joram Sala said: Politics without principles, religions without faith and students without discipline are meaningless.

Talo boasts of highest Nyishi officers and leaders, like late Neelam Taram was state’s first home minister. The famous Nyokum Yullo festival with Rikham Pada folk dance had started first in 1967 in Joram village before speeding across the state while state’s first Hindi feature film Mera Dharam, Meri Maa was produced here in 1976.

Yachuli would be a game changer in future and Tautng’s victory is a louder message for the state, he added.

While Toko Kach said the victory of the trio has ended money culture for a change as planned by the god. It is for the people now to toe the sacred path, he added.

Toko Ayang, while studying in Delhi University, had met Tatung, when he was preparing for UPSC exam after missing the first chance by 17 marks. She had accepted the marriage offer on condition that he would not be an IAS officer, Ayang recalled in her speech latter and said the he was destined to be a leader though initially the offer was turned down many times.  But the entire campaign was tough which ultimately replicated the Bibilical shepherd David giant Goliath story.

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