Monsoon damages repaired and all disrupted services restored: Salu

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, July 10: Road and bridge damages due to nearly a month’s continuous heavy showers across Arunachal Pradesh have been repaired while disrupted water and power supply restored, Disaster Management secretary  Dani Sulu said on Wednesday afternoon.

Sulu told this daily that the GoAP had  directed all departments concerned to monitor the situation of restoration process constantly and according to their reports,  major works have  been completed.

He disclosed that his department had a review meeting with all district administrations (DAs) in April and May last as a precautionary measure while helicopter requisition to meet scarcity of medicines and essential commodities for the affected families was put on standby.

Appreciating efforts of DAs, Border Roads Organization (BRO) and locals in restoration works, Sulu said, adding the BRO had taken up restoration  works in Damin circle, Sarli and Hunli areas in Kurung Kumey and Dibang Valley district on war footing. However, the collapsed Kurung bridge over Kurung Kumey would take time, but essential commodities are being transported to district HQs  Koloriang through a  bypass road, he added.

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