B’putra’s black sandy bed cause of concern


By A O News Service

BOGIBEEL | Jan 30 | The sandy bed of mighty Brahmaputra visible in black colour establishes the fact that China by digging  a 1000-km-long tunnel has diverted water of Yarlung Tsanfo in Tibet, known as Brahmaputra in India,  to its water scarce  Xingjiang region.

The boats transporting thousands of commuters and their vehicles  daily but Assam Govt  boat got stuck midway today and the boatmen had to struggle to release it from the ground to continue journey.

Despite denial of Bejing about the tunnel, the satellite image, accessed by Col (Retd) Vinayak Bhat, who was working as satellite imagery for over a decade in Indian Army (NE & J-K sectors particularly),  is a clear evidence of China’s water policy, which is supplemented by the situation here raising concern among the intellectuals.

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