People’s expectations are  priority agenda: Saaya

YACHULI, Aug 12: Yachuli MLA Likha Saaya, while addressing maiden development meeting of Dem village on Saturday, said that providing better educational and medical facilities to boot living standard of the villagers are his priority agenda.

Largest number of development schemes were allocated for Dem but could not be implemented due to untimely change of Govt last year.

Being the political representative of Yachuli, “meeting people’s expectations is my priority”, he said after inaugurating first Jubilee Multi-purpose Hall for the village and exhorted the villagers for its proper maintenance for proper use.

Replying to the query of village church deacon Khoda Pitor on RSS ideology against Christianity, he said that the GoAP will never take any decision to affect the Christian community as India is a secular country. “Don’t mix religion, politics, tribe and region with development”, he advised.

“RSS is a platform where people from different religions accept the ideology of humanity while the BJP is a party where people of all religions work together for development,” he clarified.

Speaking on TAH land compensation scam, he said that people will blame, but those involved in the scam have been arrested to justify “truth prevails at the end”. He advised them not to believe on rumors and have patience till the truth is out.

Responding to a two-point memorandum of organizing committee chairman Likha Ajay for land and infrastructure development of Dem Govt middle school and construction CC pavement from BRTF road to Dem general ground, he said  that around Rs 1.5 crore has been earmarked for infrastructure and school development under SSA, which will be released soon by the GoAP.

Yachuli ADC In charge Jyoti Toko Obi while stressing on education, advised the students to develop competitive spirit and read sincerely instead of being drawn towards drug abuse and alcoholism. He urged the parents to guide their children and report about drug habit for the authority concern to treat and rehabilitate the addicted ones.

State BJYM GS Joram Tat clarifying about BJP said that it is a secular party without any discrimination against any religion. None should misunderstand with approach of BJP, which has been working for all-round development of the state.

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