INC spreads wings in Longding | Cong to form next Govt in Arunachal: Sanjoy

By A O News Service

WAKKA, Oct 30: Congress will form next Govt in Arunachal Pradesh, APCC president Takam Sanjoy said adding that present strength is three but it will touch minimum 30 in 2019 elections.

Addressing participants of party rally here on Tuesday, he regretted that local youth took to insurgency for want of employment opportunities, but once Congress comes to power “We will offer cease fire with love to the underground elements, all of whom are not bad human beings, for them to lead normal life in the society, he added. On official warning to stop opium cultivation, he announced that under Govt scheme, opium cultivation will be legalizes, like other states, for the Govt to buy the product for medical use.

Highlighting genesis of Congress, said that the party always won from Ponchau-Wakka assembly constituency including present minister Honchung Ngandam, except once by Anok Wangsa on NCP ticket.

However, Congress formed Govt in 2014 after election but all MLAs were assured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of flow of money for which all joined BJP. But it has proved to be the weakest ever Govt, he alleged.

“The MLAs should run after the people not the people after the MLAs as present practice. This trend should change in the state once the youth come forward by adopting honesty and straight forwardness. Honchun has to reply to you (the voters) why he quit Congress. Voters are king being electors”, he said and castigated BJP for claiming to be patriots without taking part in independence movement. Arunachalees like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi etc. are true patriots, he said.

Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi is disrespected and neglected by the BJP but respecting Nathuram Godse who killed Gandhiji. Modi’s policy is breaking the nation, dividing the society, dictating what to eat and what to wear; he said and cautioned the gathering to guard against the BJP as PM has been dictating like Hitlar in this democratic nation. People are facing tough time in withdrawing their own money from banks since demonitisation, he reasoned.

Are the BJP and turncoat MLAs have no sense, he questioned? Host of leaders of various parties joined Congress expressing confidence in party’s central and state leadership. They included Naga People’s Front (NPF) president Thangkai Kosumchai, Japang Ngodam, Ganlem Wangsa, Saitong Pansa, Danwang Wangsu besides Gonsom Pansa (in BJP since last 8 years); Lemgan Pansa and Manki Pansa (PPA) along with their supporters besides former ASM Mankhang Pans as ‘Jai ho’ sound by the gathering rented the air.

He warned the people to be aware of BJP masterminding conflict on religious and community line and advocated that tribals should be allowed to live by their own genius.

New comers in almost similar address said, “This border Pongchau-Wakka assembly constituency has been always with Congress but the elected local MLA-cum-Education Minister Honchun Ngandam though elected on Congress ticket has joined BJP. We were, are and always remain with Congress”.

This constituency is yet to see the light of development and without water and electricity supply as money and kani (opium) rules the election here, Kosumchai alleged and said that local opium cultivators are asked quit the practice with warning of action and without providing any alternative. He exhorted Sanojy to facilitate legalization of opium cultivation like other states as an alternative for the poor cultivators for them to earn decently.

Samyko sahi samayka apekhhsya tha (Time was waiting for right moment), APYC president Geli Ete described the event, and exhorted the youth to come forward to play a vital role for development of Pongchau-Wakka seat.

APMC vice president (in-charge Tirapap, Changlang & Longding districts) Marina Kenglang termed new comers as ghar wapsi as Congress was instrumental in forming Arunachal and above three districts. Daughter of an officer and former Changlang ZPC, she lauded large number of girls going to schools while saying not to under estimate woman empowerment but reflect their power through actions.

Wanchos being best wood carvers are talented and colourful but backward for lack of opportunities, she said, adding that development should include socio-cultural, traditional and skill training not only road, education & health sectors.

Longding DCC president Puli Na-am proved to be tough talker and cautioned one and all to remain loyal to the party instead of becoming chameleon.

APCC vice president Tachu Hina, APMC VP Chukhu Nachi, Longding DCC president Jivang Wangsu, among others, addressed the gathering.

Sun shined over Wakka township located amidst lush green Chugun hills as thousands of local people welcomed APCC president Takam Sanjoy and other office bearers before joining the party rally here on Tuesday, 50-km from district HQ Longding.

A 17-member Wancho group presented folk dance (Loiphat) to the tune of local song followed by a group of six young girls in appreciation of the visit of the group.

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