Tani Festival concludes

PASIGHAT, Oct 30: Three-day Tani Festival-cum-second foundation day celebration of Abotani Clan Organization (ATCO) ended with a spectacular display of cultural events, games and sports competition at Donyi Polo central ganging ground here on Monday.

Headlining the festival was local musical band EDMB, which enthralled the massive crowds with its regional hits numbers followed by cultural performances, sports & games competition, traditional fashion shows, and concert performances by both local and regional artists.

Rarely-seen artefacts conserved through generations, crafts and handicrafts were on displayed for all three days, in addition, stalls set up there at venue showcased a smorgasbord of the best of local cuisine and culinary talent, thus drawing large foodies.

Few important decisions adopted were erecting a statue of Abotani in all district headquarters under Tani belts, construction of Tani Bhawan in all districts and establishment of Tani Heritage Village while developing an script of Abotani clans to unify them and preservation of Tani language were also emphasised.

Yachuli MLA, Likha Saaya, in his inaugural address as chief, had pointed out that youth have a vital role to play in preservation and promotion of state’s rich cultural heritage. He had called upon all stakeholders to preserve Tani languages for posterity and to bridge the gap between descendants of Abotanis.

On the third day, H&FW Minister Alo Libang highlighted the importance of cultural and historical heritage saying that state cannot develop while neglecting the vital aspects of it people. He lauded the organising committee for its effort and hoped that the scattered Abotanis will unite in near future for their common cause.

ATCO president Yumra Taya stressed on developing own script as a means for strengthening unity, harmony, brotherhood and linguistic pride among Tani tribes. He said that having own script will help in understanding more the socio-cultural aspects of Tani clans, adding that outsiders can explore the uniqueness of culture and identity of Abotani clan through this script.

GWS president Dr Boje, speaking as guest of honour on valedictory function, said that “our state is a diverse land of languages and culture which should important part of the GoAP policy for sustainable development strategy.

He further called for collective efforts to preserve linguistic data and cultural heritage for carry them forward by the next generation.

Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board chairman Jalley Sonam and senior congress leader Jarjum Ete were chief guest and guest of honor on second day.

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