Amending Statehood Act to be my priority, says Ete

‘I never supported PRC to non-APST’
By A O News Service
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Noted social activist-cum-All India Mahila Congress Committee secretary Jarjum Ete, an aspirant to contest Lok Sabha election, today said that if elected her top most priority would be to get defective Arunachal Statehood Day Act, 1987 amended.
The Act under 6th Schedule of the Constitution of India has made Arunachalees land protectors as the central Govt owns the minerals below the surface of state soil, she told media person in APC here, adding its amendment to bring the state under Schedule six of the Constitution of India alone would protect the traditional rights and liberty of indigenous patriotic people of this most sensitive state of India.
She is right as Arunachal gets peanuts only as royalty from central Govt from any minerals extracted because of Delhi’s apathy unlike Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram which own their mineral resources being under 5th Schedule. If the records of former Oil India CMD Chudamani Ratnam is any indication that carbon deposits trapped in coal cells (over 25,000 million tons of carbon deposits, including 1400 million tons in of which Arunachal) in Arunachal and part of Assam, if tapped could meet country’s requirements for next 100 years, which was admitted by then Union Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar here in 2005.
The state coffer would enrich if these deposits are exploited to make Arunachal one of the richest states of India
Ete pooh-poohed at mischief mongers for blaming her for supporting granting PRC to non-Arunachlees at Lekang rally in 2017, saying that she had not uttered any word on PRC, but highlighted the role of AICC in empowering women across the nation. “I have been fighting for rights of tribals, particularly women and children, as a human rights activist to receive accolade from Amnesty International, “ she said.
Responding to volley of questions, she said that such allegations doing rounds in social media has no iota of truth as “I being a tribal woman and on behalf of Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society have been working to strengthen and codify tribal customs and traditions for the future generations not to face identity crisis under the impact of modernization,” she clarified.
Appealing not to cast aspersion on her, she blamed the present Govt for mishandling the recent anti-PRC agitation that claimed three lives, left many injured in firing besides causing huge damages to Govt and private properties due to violence and arson.
Asked about her Congress ticket, she said that AICC central election committee is scheduled to meet soon to finalise tickets.

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