Media persons apprised about MCC

By A O News Service
ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Arunchal Pradesh media fraterinty was apprised of model code of coduct (MCC) and its implication in ensuing simultanerouos Assembly and Lok Sabha elections slated for April 11 next for which notifications were issued today.
Senior journlaist Pradeep Kumar, a resoource person on behlaf of Nirvachan Bhawan, in his address, pinpointed that MCC is nothing but a moral code of conduct intiated by former chief election commissioners T N Seshan and G S Gill. Watching criminalisation and money culture, they were instrumental in convincing national political parties in framing MCC to create a level playing field for all contesting candidates.
The press has been playing a pivotal role as gatekeeper or watchdog of the society and all MCC provisions come within press ethics which all press persons are aware and should adhere to strtictly during elections, he said.
The Election Commission of India (ECI) has developed a set of mobile apps and other online initiatives for electoral processes usable by candidates, political parties and sensible citizens. The Citizen’s Vigilance (c-vigil) is most citizen-friendly App which could be used to lodge complaint about any violation of MCC to receive a unique ID for each report and receive report about action taken within a 100 minutes.
The Suvidha App is a single window system for both candidates and political parties to apply for permissions before conducting meetings, rallies, etc. Another Android-based App helps a person to secretly send to it geo-tagged videos and photos of illegal money being distributed or a hate speech being made during polls, Voters’ Helpline App through which all enrolled citizens could know their electoral roll status besides the 24X7 active toil free telephone 1950 to lodge compliant, he added.
Underscoring the importance of media playing its role by sisemmnatin information since first general elections in 1951-52, MCMC state nodal officer Lod Takkar, another resouce person, highlihgtd the guidelines, particularly dos and dont’s prescribed by the Press Coucil of India for the elections.
He cautioned the gaatehring not to violate MCC, like exit poll, not to go for any coverage before 48 hours of polling. All electronic media under monitored by electronic media monitoring centre at national level and two-hourly report is sent to ECI.
He aluded press bodies for holding a workshop on MCC in Press Club here on Friday last.
IPR officer Denhang Bosai as CEO nodal officer (media) organised the event.

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