Law sought against non-APST off-springs of APST mother availing APST benefits

ITANAGAR, Oct 12: The Nyishi Ethnic Students of Arunachal Pradesh (NESAP), in a memorandum to the governor, has urged to move the GoAP to constitute a joint high power committee (JHPC) to look into the issue of “off-springs of non-APST father and APST mother enjoying APST and other benefits”. It should study the quantum of punishment to be fixed for those issuing APST certificate to such individuals and other important aspects.

Pointing out that Arunachal Pradesh is a state with almost 100% tribal population where “one is entitled to APST status by birth which cannot be diluted due to marriage with a non-APST or by way of conversion of religion”. Thus, a law should be enacted on the issue of “offspring of Non-APST father & APST mother enjoying APST and other benefits or as an ordinances by way of a cabinet, compulsory marriage registration of all APST women marrying non-locals. The memo said, adding the NESA should be included in JHPC as a member.

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