IAF holds swachhata campaign

TEZPUR, Dec 07: Air warriors and families voluntarily took part in swachhata campaign at Air Force School with great zeal and enthusiasm on Saturday to boost of GoI initiative towards Swachhata Mission (SM) by plogging awareness drive branded as ‘Plastic se Raksha-Swachhata hi Suraksha’ as part of Swachhata Pakhawada. The drive was led by air officer commanding air commodore Tejpal Singh.

Personnel undertook SM to create great awareness in society against plastic waste. Air warriors were also sensitized to discourage use of all types of plastic items for which an alternative exists.

The drive aimed at inculcating SM as part of a daily life though ingrained in armed force society to accrue benefits to the residents of various units/camps as evident for decrease in number of vector borne diseases, according to defence PRO.


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