AURORA-2020 quiz competition | Siang house emerges winner

By Pradeep Kumar

NAHARLAGUN, Jan 24: The month-long TRIMHS college festival, christened AURORA-2020, saw Siang of four houses emerging topper in quiz completion leaving behind other houses – Tirap, Lohit and Subansiri.

Multi-faceted Sheetal Kankani with her partner & Radhe Nampi gave correct replies to highest number of questions to secure 65 marks as announced by judges radiology associate Prof Dr Wangju Sumnyan & pediatrics assistant Prof Dr Nani Tago.

Medicine assistant Prof Dr Samarendra Barman and anatomy assistant Prof Dr Manumati Munglang conducted it as quiz masters while director Dr Moji Jini with his OSD Dr BVS Murthy was present. “Watching good performance gives lot of satisfaction,” quipped Dr Jini while watching keenly.

After a tie Lohit became second with 45 marks, Tirap third with 35 marks while Subansiri got minus 5 marks.

The participants – Sweta Paul & Vaishnavi Mishra (Tirap); Punyo Milo & Julin Marbom (Lohit) and Racho Godak & Shelin Saji (Subansiri) – were given 10 marks for each correct reply, 5 minus marks for wrong reply and 5 marks for correct pass on reply.

After organizing committee chairman Dr Minggam Pertin announced the objective, Tirap’s Kankani replied first question correctly to evoke thunderous applause from audience including first & second year students.

But Dr Barman seemingly well prepared threw one after another tough questions for the students and audience to think seriously. Thus, many questions in four rounds – current affairs, general, spot identification & academics – were either passed on to next house or audience but every right reply was lauded.

Response to Dr Manumati Munglang rounds – Arunprova, Cinebliz & buzzer rounds were mostly spontaneous with correct replies. However, Dr Ashtomi Pertin and Dr Marinda Panggeng were on their toes to ensure everything go smoothly.

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