APPSU seeks law on offspring issue

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Consistently pursuing the its core demand on offspring issue, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has urged the GoAP to evolve appropriate law on children of APST mother and non-APST father enjoying full benefits as an APST during coming budget session.

The decision was based on a resolution adopted in a state level consultative meeting with all community based organizations in September 2018, which the GoAP has not taken seriously as yet, the AAPSU said in a release.

The people are eager and hopeful that GoAP would take up the matter in coming budget session, president Hawa Bagang said, adding the chief minister had categorically assured AAPSU delegation in December last that it would be tabled in coming budget session. Majority of such kith and kin continue to live in state and illegally obtain ST certificate after Citizenship Amendment Act and such trend would affect the demography in long run.

The AAPSU had taken up the issue, becoming a threat to the indigenous population, with the GoAP many times  to seek law urgently to regulate, said its GS Tobom Dai, adding it had also rged to constitute an empowered study group on the matter, punishment for those issuing APST certificates to such individuals and other aspects related to it. In its representations to the GoAP, it had cited numerous cases of such offspring availing APST and other benefits.

Highlighting modus operandi employed by certain sections of non-local traders regarding land holding and other matters, it had written: “After marrying local women, these people purchase land and other movable/ immovable assets in their wives’ name. These wives surprisingly never change and adopt their husband’s surname. In case, their son/daughter is married again to a local, the entire property is transferred to their APST daughter/son-in-law. This vicious circle has been going on in numerous parts of the state.”

Thus, the AAPSU called for a concrete mechanism by enacting a law to tackle the growing menace which is destabilizing the socio-cultural fabric of the state to ensure safety and security of indigenous people. However, if the matter is not tabled it would be compelled to go for democratic movement during the budget session, the release added.

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