Arunachal Pradesh potential global tourism hub: Tourists

By Pradeep Kumar

ITANAGAR, Jan 30:  This Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh a nature trove with monumental historical ruins could be a global tourist hub if developed with right aptitude, commented Mumbai-based Auto Furze Travel Solution MD N Shiram and director (technical)   Subhash Pawase who arrived here on Thursday on their maiden trip.

Tourism should be developed properly which would create better employment opportunities for local people to boost state coffer, Shiram said with conviction.

When global tourism has taken a turn around with tourists keen to venture into unseen areas, Arunachal could be a great attraction, said with conviction.

But GPS and GIS expert Pawase, who frequently visits 50 nations, said that Arunachal suits the present global trend which has been taking a turn around with tourists keen to visit unseen places. Arunachalees are like Indonesians and Thialandians who greet tourists’ traditionally with love and affection, he said citing examples.

The roads should be properly developed,  way site amenities created, hotels be put under a standard service protocol, transport system put under 24×7 monitoring surveillance to ensure security and safety of tourists, particularly women and children, the panacea to develop tourism industry, Pawase said.

The duo escorted by this editor visited Sidhartha Vihar Gompa, whose foundation was laid by HH Dalai Lama on 05.05.83 and it’s Centre for Buddhist Culture consecrated by his holiness on 05.12.96, nearby Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, Itaforts near Raj Bhawan and Bank Tinali. They gave their statement overwhelmed with vast scope for tourism growth of the state.

“I goggled to know Itanagar before coming but after witnessing now I find the difference; Pawase  said unknowingly quoting late Setong Sena proverb: Seeing is believing.

The duo also visited the facilities of National Youth Project office opposite Civil Secretariat here and described facilities too good to offer skill training and lauded for conducting national youth integration camps involving youths from across the country to integrate the sub-continental Bharat.

It is but natural for these tourists to be get such impression in first sight as this state has earned the numerous sobriquets – ‘Land of Rising Sun’, ‘Treasure Trove of Orchids’ and ‘Last Sangri  La on Earth’. And I have added another name Nilalaya, means Nil (tribal god Nilakantha) and aalay (ghar). The blue sky above is enchanting but more enigmatic is its lush green land mass which makes it one of the 12 biodiversity hotspots of the world. The picture of traditional huts on a sloppy hill proves how the tribal people live in the lap of nature.

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