6-yr-old girl’s recovery in TCC highly satisfactory: Dr Nyodu

By Praddep Kumar

NAHARLAGUN, May 21: The six-year-old local girl undergoing treatment in Tertiary Cancer Centre (TCC) of Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIMHS) has improved so much to end her dependence on Guwahati-based B Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI).

Without ascertaining the type of leukemia (blood cancer) due to lack of acute myeloid leukemia (ALM) tests facilities in TCC, her treatment was started by oncologist Dr Tomar Nyodu. She showed encouraging improvement after two inductions for which she was discharged and asked to report after four days for check-up.

“She reported today and her blood sample collected for test and her next two courses of resistance would depend upon on the report, Dr Nyodu said.

Though she was to be referred to the BBCI for further tests and proper treatment, but that institute was sealed temporarily after death of a staff’s daughter due to COVID-19.

Thus, when asked if the TCC to great extent capable of offering treatment to state’s cancer patients to end total dependence on the BBCI, he smilingly said: “We know the sufferings of the families when they go outside for treatment. Thus, we serve to the best of our capacities with great hope and the results are the proof.”

Dr Nyodu lauded Arunachal Cancer Welfare Society (ACWS) team for rendering selfless services to the patients, including this minor girl.

In fact, ACWS led by chairman Yomli Sora and member-secretary Bomnya Kamdak have been taking care of the child patient since she was admitted and facilitated blood donation for her by one Boumkar Kaya. Moreover, 12members including Api Lomi, Diya Sharma and Pani Renya have been offering services to sanitize all coming to TCC since the nationwide lockdown was imposed. These members, who besides Naharlagun live either at Itanagar or Nirjuli and regularly arrive at TCC of their own early morning to serve till later afternoon They certainly deserve ‘Godspeed’ for their efforts, commented an intellectual during interview of Dr Nyodu.

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