Speed up pending land acquisition: CS

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar took status of pending land acquisition cases from Anjaw, Lohit, Namsai, Yingkiong, Upper Subansiri, West Kameng, and Tawang deputy commissioners with  BRO additional director general (East) PKH Singh during  a video conference here on Tuesday.

The status sought included pending land acquisition and forest clearance cases under Project Udayak in Anjaw, Lohit & Namsai, Project Vartak in West Kameng & Tawang, Project Brahmank in Shi-Yomi and Project Arunank in Upper Subansiri district.

With 14 land acquisition cases resolved in the recent months, he asked the DCs and BRO officials to expedite remaining land acquisition process by working in close coordination. He suggested proper aerial mapping of the land during survey using drones.

Land Management commissioner P.S. Lokhande, Project Arunank CE Brig. A.S. Chonker, CCF V. Reddy and land management officers were present. (PRO)

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