Ete urges MPs not to be silent on state’s territorial integrity

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Appreciating BJP MPs Tapir Gao (East) and Kiren Rijiju (West) for raising Indo-China issue in Parliament in the past,  noted social activist Jarjum Ete urged them to not remain silent on matter relating to territorial integrity of the state.

Addressing a talk show on Sunday, organized at Himalayan University by NGO Wake up Arunachal Volunteers (WAV) on recent Chinese issue, with focus on “Igniting Arunachalee minds on Indo-China border disputem she exhorted the youths to prioritise inter-district travel and visits to learn more about the state, she said that the Govt. should impart home guar training to the people, youths in particular, to avail their services when needed.

Quoting adage -Pen is mightier than the sword – Youths Against Corruption chairman K C Abo said that the tongue could be double mightier. Thus, the learned authorities should volunteer to rise to the occasion so also all CBOs, union, politicians, he added.

United People’s Forum president Laffe Pafa citing examples of Indian revolutionary leaders, like Bhagat Singh & Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, said that the youths should be ready to shed blood when time comes to protect the land from invaders .

Resenting Chinese intrusions and continuous failure of Govt to take strong measures against repeated Chinese incursions, Chairman Bage Kamsi urged the youths to take part in such educative events.

Highlighting Chinese’s illegal acts & motives chronologically spokesperson Toko Takar urged the Govt. to take serious note before the Dragon could intrude more deeper due to India’s weak stand.

Stressing that territorial integrity is vital irrespective of whether China has built a new village within or outside the LAC, WAV GS Jon Pebi Tato said.

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