Forest officials, NGOs apprehend bird hunter

ZIRO, Mar 04: In an attempt to check illegal hunting of migratory birds in and around Ziro, a combined patrolling team consisting of members from Dutta Pyapung Conservation Club (DPCC), Ngunu Ziro and Hapoli Forest Division led by Divisional Forest Officer Abhinav Kumar, carried out an Intensive search operation in the paddy fields early Thursday morning and intercepted a suspected hunter with an SBBL gun SBBL.

The gun and two live bullets were seized on the spot from him.

The DFO applauded the initiative of DPCC and Ngunu Ziro and appealed to other local NGOs such as All Niichi Niitii Youth Association and All Tajang Youth Associations to volunteer for curbing the menace of hunting of migratory birds in the Ziro plateau.

Ziro plateau has a unique landscape of a high-altitude valley which is a good wintering ground for migratory birds from Tibet and Siberia. Recently, a Mandarin duck was spotted in the area which is the first recorded sighting of the species in Arunachal Pradesh.

The practice of wet rice cultivation in the Ziro valley further provides a good feeding ground for these migratory birds in winters. These migratory birds then become a prime target for local hunters who hunt them for consumption.

The Forest Department at Ziro has been conducting raids in local markets against the sale of wildlife meat as well as has coordinated with local NGOs to spread awareness about the legal provisions of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.

The department plans to conduct regular raids around the WRC fields and water bodies like Siikhe lake with the help of local NGOs.

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