Thousand participates in ‘Tribal Identity Movement’ rally

ITANAGAR, Mar 05: Thousands of indigenous tribal people of the state hit the street on Friday shouting slogans for preservation and protection of tribal culture and identity.

The rally which began from Ganga Market and culminated at I G Park, was organized by the likeminded people of state under the banner of ‘A movement for protection of tribal identity of Arunachal Pradesh’ and supported by Indigenous Faith and Culture Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) besides few other organizations.

The rally under the name of ‘Tribal Identity Movement’ was led by Arunachal unit of Janjaati Surakhsa Manch and attended by people of several tribal communities.

Several senior community leaders which include Ligu Tacho, Agung Bengia, Gichik Taza, Techi Azad and others also take part in the rally.

Bengia said that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and practice their own religion and belief and faith.

“Here in the state we have found that our tribal people follow indigenous religion ‘Donyi Polo’ and practiced unique culture which is under threat and a great challenge, which we need to protect,” Bengia added.

One should not hurt other’s faith and believe and all the religions need to be respected, he said.

The Indigenous faith Bill 1978 and ‘Arunachal Pradesh freedom of Religion Act 1978, should be implemented in letter and spirit Bengia added.

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