E-Kameng celebrates Consumer Day

SEPPA, Dec 28: The National Consumer Day was celebrated at Govt. Middle School here with the theme “Consumer-Know Your Rights”, being organized by Department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs of East Kameng district.

On the occasion, Knenewa CO Nyalisa Raji chaired the program while Trade Development Officer Mekory Dodum and President of district unit of Consumer Rights Organization Beku Dolo along with his executive members also attended the program.

Inspector of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs Tapi T Payang briefed about the Consumer Protection Act 2019 and Legal Metrology Act 2009 along with the Packaged Commodities Rules and made the students aware of their rights as consumers.

TDO Mekory Dodum, educated the students about the market scenario of Seppa Township and warned them of the possible threats of monopoly in the market. She also highlighted the importance of bills and cash memos.

Dolo apprised the students about his organization and their roles and responsibilities in serving the consumers. He cautioned them about adulteration of meat and other products in the market and asked them to be alert and careful.

The CO in her deliberation, highlighted the importance of being a sustainable consumer and asked the students to become one. She also warned against the use of single use plastic. (DIPRO)

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