NES clarifies on ANYA

  • Anti-socials misleading people with clone group, it says

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) Wednesday said the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) team headed by Byabang Joram as its president and Bengia Tada as its general secretary is the only organisation recognised by the Nyishi community.

“We stand by the press statement of ANYA on Tuesday at Potin regarding any misinformation campaign by a handful of anti-social elements forming an ANYA-like organisation to mislead the people,” NES president Bengia Tolum said in a press statement here.

On the extension of the present ANYA team, the NES clarified that the ANYA has never put up any proposal for the extension of their term and as such, the question of granting extension by the NES does not arise at all.

“There was some mischievous propaganda on social media that NES has granted a year’s extension to the present ANYA team, whereas the bye-laws of ANYA do not have such a provision. Rather, vide our letter of December 26, we issued an advisory to the ANYA for initiating its general conference-cum- election and sought ATR by January 10 next year,” the statement said.

“The present tenure of the ANYA is yet to expire for which the electioneering process is yet to start in accordance with the constitutional provisions enshrined in the bye-laws of ANYA,” it added.

The NES added that the Nyishis shall not be held responsible for the omissions and commissions of unrecognised with ill-motivated self-proclaimed organisations in the name of the community.

“To dispel the misgivings and broader participatory social discussion, the NES is convening its third extended executive body meeting and second meeting of the Nyishi Clan Organisations on January 15,” the statement added.

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