Shi-Yomi HODs asked to shift offices

AALO, Dec 29: Shi-Yomi Deputy Commissioner Mito Dirchi, in a recent order, asked all the heads of offices to shift their offices along with their staff members to Tato, the district headquarters by January 15 next year.

All the heads of offices have also been directed to make their own accommodation and office buildings in consultation with the ZPM, GPC, Gram Panchayat members and the Land Advisory Committee of Tato.

The DC urged the panchayat leaders and Land Advisory Committee members in Tato to help all departments to locate their respective identified office and residential buildings on a rental basis.

It may be noted that barring temporary accommodation made to DC and SP in the inspection bungalow, an office chamber and government quarter allotted to in-charge ADC of the district, who is also holding the charge of project director, DRDA cum DPDO.

However, no space for accommodation and offices are made available to any head of offices at Tato as of date. (DIPRO)

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