Instill spirit of curiosity among students: Guv’s wife

ITANAGAR, Jun 29: Continuing her effort to preserve and promote the traditional practice of loin loom weaving among the youth of the state, Neelam Misra, wife of state Governor on Wednesday interacted with the teacher in-charges of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) of various schools, at Raj Bhavan here.

Mishra said that by including loin loom in SUPW projects, the traditional loin loom weaving would be revived.

“The young girls will be motivated towards this traditional practice, inherited from their forbearers, which they are tending to forget. The loin loom weaving has always helped in the economic empowerment of womenfolk in Arunachal Pradesh,” she said.

Mishra appealed to the teachers to instill a spirit of curiosity in their students and encourage them to learn about traditional weaving. She said that it should not be confined to only weaving but opens the door to the science of fabrics, dye, mechanism of weaving and its improvement, an official communiqué informed here.

“The teachers will prove to be the catalyst in making loin loom from ‘Local to Global’,” she added.

A former Science teacher herself, Mishra said that she is aware of the challenges as a teacher but as a guide, philosopher and friend of the students, they have to find innovative ways, so that the age-old tradition of the state is not extinct in the technological rush.

In order to make the learning of the loin loom easy, Mishra demonstrated a mini loom model to the SUPW teachers, which she had made herself.

Sharing her experience of learning weaving, she said that this tradition must be passed on to the youths and in turn to the coming generation.

“The youth of the day must connect with their roots and know about it,” she emphasized.

Later, Mishra distributed yarn to the teachers and they were shown a documentary on Loin Loom of Arunachal Pradesh, conceptualized by her.

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