Wahge exhorts student leaders to work for society

LEMMI, Nov 24: State BJP President Biyuram Wahge Thursday appealed to the student leaders of Pakke Kessang district to lead the students for a bright future and also to guide them with a feeling to work for the betterment of the district and the society.

Wahge, who attended the second general conference of the All Pakke Kessang District Students Union (APKDSU) here, said that the district is like a newborn baby which needs proper guidance.

“The vision of the student community and the public should be ‘one district, one vision,” the Pakke Kessang MLA said.

Wahge added that without proper knowledge, one can excel in life but without it, the district or society will never prosper. Therefore, student leaders should emphasize on better quality education.

The BJP lawmaker said that every possible approach was made by him to bring social and infrastructure development in the district but overall development is only possible if the public and the government work together.

“As a local leader, every issue related to the employment of local youths and the development of the district is my priority. But there are also financial problems for the state government in context to job creation in the state, which we need to understand,” he said.

Wahge also spoke on drug abuse, which needs to be cleaned through participation of every individual in the district.

Among others, AAPSU President Dozi Tana Tara and Pakke Kessang District Intellectual Forum (PDIF) leaders also spoke on the day about the development aspects of the newly created district.

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