Silver jubilee of GBDPG celebrated

By Staff Reporter 

ITANAGAR Dec 17: The Golgi Bote Donyi Polo Ganging (GBDPG) on Saturday celebrated silver jubilee at its hall near JN state museum.

Attending the function as chief guest, Uttar Purvanchal Bharat prachar pramukh of Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram Dr Kedar Arvind Kulkarni urged upon the believers of Donyi Polo to share love and affection to the indigenous tribes of the state.

“Traditional and culture is the identity of tribal people. Therefore, the younger generation should carry forward the responsibility for preservation of tradition and culture,” he added.

“The descendant of AboTani must protect and preserve the age-old folklore and folktales,” he said and added that primitive evidences should be documented in form of book or digitally.

Indigenous faith and culture society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) President Katung Wahge reiterated the need for protection of indigenous culture and traditional for protection of tribal identity.

Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang Itanagar President Tamuna Mesor briefed about the ganging movement in capital complex.

The books published by Mesor – Golgi Bote-His thoughts & deed, Mythology of Donyi-Poloism written by Kaling Draang were also released on the occasion.

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