AAYA pleads Govt to roll back decision on APPSC exams

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Feb 27:The All Adi Youth Association (AAYA) on Monday demanded the state government to roll back the decision for declaring null & void all examinations conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) since 2014.

Addressing reporters at APC here, AAYA President Tanam Taggu said that the question of null & void of APPSC examination from 2014 -22 does not arise which was included out of confusion and emotions which, the supporters of Pan-Arunachal Joint Steering Committee (PAJSC) were unaware of.

“The state government need to take its own stand. It should not come under the pressure of some section of society or any organization,” Taggu said.

Null & void of APPSCCE would be possible, if PAJSC challenged the matter in Supreme Court (SC) and won the case, he added.

Stating that the citizens of the state is against the malpractices done by the APPSC but they did not support the PAJSC demand for null & void, AAYA said that the people are supporting the demand of immediate arrest of former chairman Nabam Nippo and termination of the officers involved in the fiasco.

“If null & void take place then it would create uncertainty among more than nine thousand employees and officers and it will directly leave the plight of APPSC beyond repairable,” the association said and further questioned who would be held responsible, if any officer commit suicide or opt for wrong means of earning after losing their job?

Instead of recommending null & void to the commission, the state government should take all the possible measures to expedite the investigation, so as to give exemplary punishment to the officers who played with the sentiments of the aspirants, it added.

The AAYA meanwhile, threatened to initiate democratic movement, if their demand is not met within a stipulated period of time.

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