Nyokum celebrated with gusto | Felix urges people to shun hunting, fishing

BANDERDEWA, Feb 27: State BJP Secretary Tadar Niglar said that society today should focus more on eradicating the drug menace prevailing among the youths and also support the state government in ending corruption.

Niglar, who was addressing a gathering during the 34th Nyokum Yullo festival organised by the Banderdewa Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee (BYYCC) on Sunday, said drug menace and corruption are hampering the overall growth of the state.

“Hence, the public should cooperate with the government to eradicate it,” he said.

He also said the CMAAY under the BJP government has been a boon for the health sector. Likewise, schemes in education and entrepreneurship startups are being implemented. The public should avail of the entire beneficial schemes.

“Today, the youths should more focus on the positives of the state development rather than criticising it. Therefore, I appeal to them on this auspicious celebration of Nyokum to pledge for the development of the state and strive to be self-reliant,” he said.

Speaking to reporters, Niglar said Nyokum is the identity of the Nyishi community and it should be celebrated in the purest form. The celebrations have been passed on by the ancestors, and the legacy of the tradition should be carried forward by the younger generation.

“If you are Nyishi, you have to celebrate and vice versa. Without ritual, no Nyokum Yullo can be performed. Therefore, people should not divide the laid down tradition of the Nyokum in the line of religion,” he said.

Senior Veterinary Officer Gyamnya Baki Garam said the tribal religion is a natural and eternal way to live. Yullo doesn’t make any sense without the construction of an altar, sacrifice, and Nyibu (shaman), he added.

“Therefore, the Nyokum Yullo festival should be performed in the purest form without any pressure from external force or influence. He also appealed to the youths of the Nyishi community to restore the age-old practice to name their children according to their forefathers,” he said.

“Naming of children as it was practised earlier should be resorted, which today is hardly seen. This is not only the practice but also helps in identifying the genealogy of the existence,” Garam said.

Niglar was the chief guest and Garam was the guest of honour at the programme.

At Langrh: Entire villagers of six Gram Panchayat Segments of Nyobia Circle, Kurung Kumey came together and celebrated the 2nd Nyobia Nyokum Yullo in a coordinated and befitting traditional manner at Langrh in Nyobia Circle.

The celebration commenced on February 18 and witnessed various activities including events like football, marathon, volleyball, essay writing, extempore speech, Miss Nyokum pageant, mega dance, community feast, etc.

RWD Chief Engineer (Coordination) Nyai Dukam and Kurung Kumey Superintendent of Police Bomken Basar attended the final day of the celebrations as the chief guest and guest of honour respectively while Home Minister-cum-local MLA Bamang Felix attended as the chief patron. Taliha MLA Nyato Dukam also attended the extended celebrations on February 22 and declared the cultural event open.

Speaking on the final day of the celebrations, Felix extended his appreciation to the organizing committee led by Chairperson Hiba Memak and General Secretary Bamang Ramu for organizing the festival in an inclusive way where every household actively participated. It is to be mentioned here that the entire celebration was organized with the help of voluntary donations in cash and kind and was devoid of sponsorship from any individual.

Felix also appealed to all to shun hunting activities across all six Gram Panchayat Segments, viz., Hiba-I, Hiba-II, Byasi, Langrh-Langro, Gida and Rowa, and called for initiating activities to conserve and protect forest and wildlife.

He further sought cooperation from every stake-holders in the implementation of developmental projects while stating that schemes alone cannot bring development unless there is a cooperation of stakeholders in its implementation.

The chief guest and the guest of honour in their respective speeches extended the Nyokum greetings and lauded the people of Nyobia Circle for including members of other tribes in their Nyokum celebrations. The duo stated that such an inclusive mode of celebration should be promoted as it will lead to mutual respect for traditions among different tribes and create a sense of Pan-Arunachal sentiment.

The festival formally concluded with the handing-taking over of the festival celebration responsibility from the current chairperson to the chairperson for 3rd Nyobia Nyokum Yullo.

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