Anamaya launches tribal health collaborative in Lohit

TEZU, Mar 18: Anamaya, the tribal health collaborative – a multi-stakeholder initiative supported by Piramal Foundation, has launched a new program to promote tribal health amongst youth and students.

The initiative, which is being implemented with support from community members and health experts, aimed at addressing the unique health challenges faced by tribal communities in the region.

The program would focus on providing awareness and training on various aspects of tribal health, including the importance of adolescent health, nutrition, and mental health, and substance abuse.

Through a series of interactions, training sessions, young people and students would be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy lifestyles and take care of their physical and mental well-being.

According to youth leader Bobiso Saga, “Tribal communities in Lohit are facing numerous health challenges, including malnutrition and mental health issues. By focusing on the youth and students, we hope to create a sustainable culture of prioritizing health and wellness that benefits the entire community.”

The program would also leverage the power of youth and students to reach the wider community and develop their understanding of health issues.

“We believe that by utilizing the power of young minds, we can ensure that young people and students in even the most remote corners of Lohit have access to the knowledge and resources they needed to lead healthy lives,” said Hemant Gambre, a PhD scholar.

The program has received good support from the community with local leaders, expressing their enthusiasm for the initiative.

“This program is a much-needed step towards promoting the health and well-being of our tribal communities,” said Angenlu Minin Chaitom, a local community leader.

The program launched on March 16, would be rolled out in phases over the coming months. Through this program, Lohit district hopes to make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of its youth and students, and by extension, the entire tribal community.

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