BRO builds foot-bridge in 4 days to link Huri-Tapa

ITANAGAR, July 25: The Border Roads Organisation (BRO)’s Project Arunank has built a 140-foot bridge along Huri-Tapa road in remote Kurung Kumey district in a record time of just four days to achieve a construction milestone.

BRO karmyogis worked tirelessly with determination day and night, to overcome challenges of inclement weather, incessant rain, snow, hurdles and difficult terrain to achieve the feat, according to BRO twitter.

The newly launched bridge would significantly enhance connectivity in the remote areas, bridge gap between villages Huri, Damin and Ruba and socio-economic growth, progress of Huri-Tapa road and extend connectivity up to Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The newly launched bridge’s impact extends beyond facilitating the Huri-Tapa road, as it also serves as a symbol of unity, connecting villages Huri, Damin, and Ruba. With this remarkable feat, the BRO has set a precedent for future infrastructure projects and demonstrated the power of perseverance and teamwork in nation-building.

Project Arunank of the BRO, attaching priority to development of six-foot tracks to improve connectivity to the remote areas in the state had commenced work in full swing on 11.09.21 to achieve the desired goal.

The tracks were Huri-Tapa (20.44-km), Tap-Goying (18.6-km), Tapa–Karu (43.18 km), Sarli-Semai (54.87-km), Sarli-Phulle (34.38-km) and Nacho-Bangte (41.6-km) in Kurung Kumey and Upper Subansiri districts bordering China.

“BRO in #ArunachalPradesh commenced construction of foot track Huri-Tapa. The endeavour is part of the larger aim of holistically addressing the challenge of improved connectivity to the remote areas in Arunachal and spur socio-eco development in the state,” the BRO tweeted.

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