Local admn & AMSU destroy 20 hectares bhang cultivation

MENGIO, Sept 29: Mengio local administration in collaboration with All Mengio Students Union (AMSU) and Goan Bura Association destroyed more than 20 hactares of cannabis cultivation in an massive destruction programme on Thursday last.

Four areas having the highest concentration of the cannabis cultivation, namely Ringte Hapa, Lurrum – Helli, Punyu-Lakang and Pinte-Pacho, were identified and accordingly four teams comprising of AMSU, PIs, GBs, SHG members and police personnel were constituted to carry out the destruction.

Earlier, the AMSU took out a procession in Sakiang township and created awareness on prevailing drug menace and it’s ill effects.

AMSU president Kholie Tari appealed to all denizens to restrain from cultivating ganja in Mengio circle as such narcotic substance destroy future of the younger generations.

Mengio EAC Tana Bapu, in his address, exhorted the public to avail the benefits of Govt welfare schemes, like ANKY, ANBY etc and grow fruits and other cash crops to enhance the livelihood.

“Opting to cultivate cannabis may bring in easy money, but it will destroy future of our children. Drug addiction is a serious threat to the entire society and we need to wake up before it’s too late,” Bapu added.

SDPO Maga Tago highlighted provisions under the NDPS Act, 1985 and issued strict warning to the bhang cultivators.

Mengio Goan Bura Association president Tarh Kame, while assuring support to the administration, directed GBs of all seven panchayats to keep vigil on such illegal activities and submit reports to the administration for timely interventions. CO-cum-executive magistrate Taba Milka informed that the administration had issued orders in May last prohibiting cannabis cultivation.

AMSU & SHGs members and public joined the mass cannabis destruction program.

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