Parents-teachers meet works out steps to improve CBSE results

From Our Correspondent

TEZU, Sep 29: The parents-teachers meeting on Friday discussed to find out a mechanism on how to improve CBSE performances.

Due to poor performance in last CBSE examinations, Tezu-1 GHSS principal Robinson Lego had convened the meeting to stake stock of students’ activities in school as well as in their respective homes.

“We can assess together and keep track of every student’s academic, social and mental growth. After the last disgracing CBSE results, it is need of the hour for both parents and teachers to find out ways & means for their betterment,” Lego said, adding “We should work jointly to solve the problems and find out positive solution”, he added.

Assistant commissioner Kamleshwar Rao, chairman of fact finding committee of poor CBSE results, said student of digital age are highly vulnerable. They are in the midst of various challenges. “If we sit together and discuss, amicable solution could be found to caution the students, he said.

Expressing concern over poor result, DDSE Eto Ete said that Govt has consented to award eight laptops for toppers of X and XII of the district to improve CBSE result. It is time to focus on sense of responsibility to accomplish the goal, he said.

A mother-guardian, a teacher by profession, said that she had never pointed at fault of teachers for her children’s poor result, rather tried to find out lacunae in her children for improvement.

Hindi PGT RC Pandey suggested tt teach children good moral values, constant observation and regular attendance of homework.

Vice principal B Marap expressed optimism and lauded the way the parents gave their opinions. The meeting also discussed indiscipline of students and lack of smooth conduct of regular classes and ways to tackled them.

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