Fitness International Federation | Paklu wins global laurel for India,  adjudged Miss Asia Overall winner

By Pradeep Kumar

 ITANAGAR, Nov 27: Arunachal Pradesh female bodybuilder Paklu Taipodia, first to win international laurel for the country, has proved again Arunachees are kisise kum nehi (inferior to none) in games and sports by winning three medals in Malaysiya.

Paklu, an international professional card holder, won gold medal in Ms Asia Glutetan model, silver medal Ms Asia Bikini model and bronze medal in Miss Asia Sports model to be adjudged Miss Asia Overall winner in International Pro-Card in Fitness International Federation (FIF) competition conducted during November 25 and 26   at Selangor in Malaysia, she told this daily over telephone from Malaysia on Monday.

. The Indian team led by FIF India president-cum-international judge Dr. Harmindar Dulowal, who is an Asia gold medalis and Mahaguru Award winner, won total 10 medals, including gold-3, silver-4, bronze-3 medals, Paklu added.

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