3 remote villages of Shi-Yomi district given Airtel 4G internet connectivity

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 25: Three remote villages of Shi-Yomi district have received Airtel 4G internet network after successful installation of tower at Hone village, which also covers Pene and Lipo villages.

Mechuka, located along Indo-China border in Shi-Yomi district, had also received Airtel 4G services recently .

While appreciating the central and state Govts for providing high speed 4G network to remote villages, Hone village head gaon burah Toje Yuto said, installation of 4G tower in this village would serve as a boon for the parents to communicate with their children studying in Capital Complex, besides relatives and friends living across the country.

“We fail communicate with our children during an emergency many a times,” Toje said and underscored the importance of tele-communication. He also exhorted parents and guardians to keep their minor children away from mobile to not develop addiction.

Hinting at lot of sufferings for lack of connectivity, PRI leaders Yaluk Yuto and Talam Yuto said they. Used to go to Siang district by travelling more than 45 km for talking to their family members and  conveying important information, Talam said, adding “We have communication facility now for which local lawmaker PD Sona deserves appreciatiob for his untiring efforts to have such facility.

Pene, Yapik, Lipo, Pulom villages under Monigong circle, Lungte (Pidi circle), district HQs Tato, Mechuka, Tado Gitu, Tagur have been covered by  4G services  with the installation of 4G tower at Hone village.

The tower installation was an initiative of Union Ministry of Communication to cover 1, 6 83 villages across the state by 2023, with the target to reach out to unreached locations.

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