Cong manifesto mirros injustice to nation: BJP

  • Seeks action against erring DSP & IRBn personnel

ITANAGAR, Apr 25: The Congress manifesto (Nyay Patra) for 18th Lok Sabha elections-2024 as misleading, concocted and ridiculous by reflecting “ANYAY” (injustice) to the nation, said Arunachal Pradesh BJP spokesperson Techi Necha, flanked by media co-convenor Nima Sange, while interacting with media persons at party’s state HQ here on Thursday.

Condemning the Indian National Congress’s manifesto, unveiled by its national president Mallikarjun Karge on April 5 last, he said that it exposed the hidden agendas of the Congress. The INC ‘Nyay Patra’ is a ‘ANYAY PATRA’ as it promises to divides the societal structural of the Nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly dismissed the Congress manifesto by comparing it with that of the Muslim League manifesto in 1929. Thus, the BJP univocally endorsed the statement of the PM.

The Congress manifesto ridiculously has given hallows promises as it had failed to implements following promises during over 60 years rule. The promises included: Abolishing Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Restoring of Triple Talaq, Reserve position for Muslims and implement the Sachchai Committee Report, support Love Jihad, allow Burqas in schools, end majoritarianism, ban bulldozer action, increase Muslims judges in judiciary, introduce a Communal Violence Bill to stop mob lynching, legalize beef consumption, separate loan interest rates for Muslims and allow acts of treason.

The document is nothing but white lies as it reiterated party’s Appeasement Policy adopted since 1960’s to win elections, Necha said, adding that it is nothing but a flip-flop, whims and fancies with promises to abolish CAA by forgetting ramifications of Sikh, Parsi, Bhudhist, Jain etc, especially Arunachal Pradesh, protected under Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation Act, 1873, now reinforced by CAA.

The manifesto also promised to bring another wave of Chakma and Hajong refugee in the state by abolishing CAA. Such a move would have serious consequence on the ethnicity to herald demographic changes in this state, known for it rich ethnicity. Thus, the BJP asks Congress leaders to “look before you leap”, he added.

Thus, the state BJP has urged state chief electoral officer Pawan Kumar Sain to take cognizance against erring deputy superintendent of police Mibom Ering, who in a drunken state was threatening BJP candidate Doba Lamnio on re-polling day at 40-Sario polling station under Bameng assembly constituency while IRBn personnel stripped and physically beaten up BJP supporters of party candidate and took away all cash and food expenses, according to a party release.

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