Nuisance & litters tarnishing glory of iconic Siang Bridge

From Our Correspondent

PASIGHAT, May 14: The panoramic mighty Siang River, built in the backdrop of lush green mountains, attracts large number of visitors for its amazing beauty and cool breeze.

But, unfortunately like everywhere across India, Arunachal Pradesh is no exception, the visitors have been dumping water, wine & beer bottles, polythene, rappers of pan masala and Raginiganda giving an eye sore.

The 763 meters long Siang or Pasighat Bridge with balanced cantilever, whose foundation stone was laid by Rajiv Gandhi in 1988, is an iconic infrastructure of the state.  But this bridge seems to be neglected as its colour, including both sides of foundation stone and railing have faded away for lack of maintenance.

Expressing resentment against the present state of the bridge, one of the commuters questioned East Siang district administration as to why it has failed to safeguard the structure, like Lohit, Dibang and Sadiya Bridges, which are neat and clean for regular maintenance.

Another nature lover who was clicking photos of the Siang view assailed the state Govt, CBO, NGO, student and pressure groups for not intervening to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene.

The Siang Bridge, located away from the hassle bustle of Pasighat Smart City, has been emerging as a tourist spot as outsider after arriving Pasighat also visit the bridge, which of late has been unhygienic with rising rubbish and unsafe due to nuisance created by some unruly people which have been tarnishing the glory of the bridge.

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