Nocte wildlife photographer speaks at “The Act of Doing’

NEW DELHI, May 19: Wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker Chajo Lowang of Tirap district and Green Hub founder Rita Banerji, while speaking at two-day “The Act of Doing – Trans-disciplinary Conversations on Pedagogies of Knowledge Making,” at Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan,  captivated the audience with their inspiring journey as Green Hub fellows

Lowang provided insights into her ongoing book on the biodiversity and culture of Nocte Tribe, a venture she is undertaking with her teammates Sara Khongsai. Both as female wildlife photographers are trailblazers in documenting the wildlife and cultural heritage of the Noctes.

The two-day conference, organized by The Third Eye, Nirantar Trust, served as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration and concluded on Saturday.

“The Act of Doing” is a learning festival organized tthat brings together practitioners from diverse fields to share their experiences with collectives, organizations, groups and individuals. The event aims to explore e successes and challenges in knowledge building, fostering dialogues at the intersections of disciplines and geographies for a shared, innovative, and equitable future. The festival features a series of conversations with leading practitioners in social work, art, teaching and research. They will discuss their work with various groups, reflecting on what has been effective and what has not, as well as the debates and celebrations surrounding knowledge building besides explore the potential for interdisciplinary and cross-geographical collaboration for a common, creative and just future.

Responding to queries from, Chajo highlighted importance and impact of her works, which have been contributing to preservation and  promotion of region’s rich cultural  heritage and said that her proposed book is centered on women story telling and esh, further narratives.

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