‘Education is a seed, life is a tree’: BK Bhagwan

From Our Correspondent

ROING, June 11:  “Education is a seed, life is a tree, unless our tree of life bears fruits in the form of qualities, our education is incomplete. Society is abstract and is governed by love, goodwill, brotherhood, morality and human virtues,” said BK Bhagawan from Brahma Kumaris Mt. Abu headquarters in Rajasthan.

Addressing students and teachers of Nani Maria School on “importance of moral education in life” here on Monday as resource person, he said that moral education, often referred to as character education, holds immense importance within a holistic education system.

Highlighting the value education which plays a pivotal role in moulding character and instilling values that serve as lifelong guiding principles, he said that the basic objective of education is to build character, move from untruth to truth towards freedom from bondage, he said and regretted that present education is leading towards materialism. Materiality is achieved through physical education but character is built through moral education, he reasoned.

Stressing the need for physical education along with moral education in present times, he said that moral education only makes a human being ‘human’ with moral qualities to become worthy of worship. The foundation of wealth, happiness and prosperity globally stands on the strength of morality, i.e., good character, he said.

Lack of values ​​is the root cause of every problem in today’s society, he said, adding unless virtues, like charity, service, sacrifice, generosity, purity, tolerance, humility, patience, truthfulness and honesty adopted in practical life, our education is incomplete, he said and advised them to evaluate their conduct, imitation, writing, practical knowledge.

He said that physical education will lead to physical development and moral education to all-round development. It is through moral education that we develop our personality, which later gives us self-conscience and self-confidence to face difficult situations.

Telling the truth, not stealing, non-violence, generosity towards others, decency, humility and politeness reflect morality, he said, adding that the present world is witnessing rising trend of indiscipline, crime, drug addiction, anger, fights and discord for lack of moral education.

Moral education can only bring empowerment for the students, said principal Maun Haukip, adding that life is dark without morality as ignorance, social evils, addiction and adultery have been rising due to lack of moral values pushing the society to gloom.

Local Brahmakumari service center director sister BK Jitamoni threw light on spirituality and morality in life. Explaining the definition of spirituality, she said that knowing ‘oneself’ amounts to knowing the God and remembering Him is spirituality, which is Raj yoga, She exhorted all to make Raj yoga a part of daily routine.

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