21st nation-wide livestock census in Sept-Dec: GoI

NEW DELHI, June 21: Animal Husbandry Statistics Department is the backbone of policy formulation as well as implementation of various programmes in Animal Husbandry Sector. The major source of Animal Husbandry statistics is livestock census (LC), a massive door-to-door field operation in which data on livestock are collected from each &every household taking actual count of domesticate animals and birds to finally assess the total livestock wealth of the nation.

Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department (AHDD) under Union Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying has been conducting LC across India in every five years since 1919 and last  (20th LC) was conducted in 2019.

The 21st LC, due in 2024, will be conducted involving all states/UTs during September-December next with the use of mobile technology and further transmitting the data online.  The enumeration will be in all villages and urban wards for various species of animals (cattle, buffalo, mithun, yak, sheep, goat, pig, horse, pony, mule, donkey, camel, dog, rabbit and elephant), poultry birds (fowl, duck and other poultry birds) possessed by the households, household enterprises and non-household enterprises counted at their site, breed-wise with their age, sex.

AHDD advisor (animal husbandry statistics division Jagat Hazarika chaired a workshop-cum-training on pilot survey of 21st LC here on Wednesday which was attended by states/UTs senior officers and few members of technical committee constituted for 21st LC

Since breed-wise data of animals will also be collected, ICAR-National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) presented state-wise latest breed list for various species and highlighted the technique to identify the breed in the field.

Apart from uses of statistics produced from LC for implementation of various programme of livestock sector, it is also used for National Indicator Framework (NIF) of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Besides Hazarika, ICAR-NBAGR director B. P. Mishra, AHDD director V.P. Singh, AHDD director Anil Chandra Deori (Assam), Dr. Danjan Longri (AHV&DD, Arunachal Pradesh) & district nodal officer Dr. Hana Tama, Dr. F. S. Thakar (Gujrat), Dr. Manjunath S. Palegar (Karnatka), R. N. Singh (UP),  senior state/UT officers were  present, according to an official release.

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