Changlang DC’s anti-ragging guidelines laudable: APWWS

ITANAGAR, July 09: The Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS), the apex women’s organization of the state, has lauded Changlang DC for taking prompt action to address the issue of recent bullying and ragging reported in a school in the district.

The APWWS president Kani Nada Maling, in a letter to DC Vishal Sah on Tuesday, said that proactive approach of the district administration has greatly motivated all women NGOs who work voluntarily for the betterment of our society. The quick response to the concerns raised by Singpho Women Organisation and the APWWS central executive committee-led by advisor Pinna K M Singph is commendable.

“We have reviewed anti-ragging guidelines issued by your office and greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure that no ragging takes place in schools and hostel premises. Your enforcement of stringent anti-ragging measures and the implementation of deterrent punishments for offenders are vital steps in this direction.

“We suggest an addition to tha guidelines to point no. 4 under clause (C): “If the wrongdoer is found to be a juvenile, he/she shall be dealt with as per provisions of the JJ Act 2015.

“We are also delighted to learn that from next session, both students and parents will be required to sign anti-ragging undertakings besides  formation of anti-ragging committees and squads in every school, which are positive move. These measures will help create a safer and more conducive study environment.

“The prompt action and release of anti-ragging guidelines by the DA, first of its kind in the state, will set a precedent for other districts to follow The support extended by the DA is invaluable to our cause.  Your proactive administration instills hope in the community as people look up to you for swift action in societal matters,’ the letter added.

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