AAPSU against CoSAAP

GoAP retirement age

ITANAGAR | Jun 29 | The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) today unanimously decided to tooth and nail  oppose the GoAP decision on enhancement of retirement age from 58 to 60 years and  doing away of NOC system.

Urging the GoAP to have a rethink over the arbitrary and regressive decision that will affect employment opportunities of thousands of unemployed youths, the AAPSU in a release, stressed on urgent need for recruitment of youngsters well equipped with the knowledge in the fast high tech computerised world to boost the service sector.

The NOC system should be continued without any modifications as it is an open secret that most of the GoAP quarters are being encroached or illegally occupied by the officials or staffs, traders, political and public leaders, the Union felt.

Demanding immediately publication of a white paper on Govt land encroachment by its officers/staffs, political leaders, public leaders, the union said that the misuse of Govt quarters/vehicles/other properties should be checked strictly.

AAPSU strongly decried CoSSAP for misguiding the GoAP  employees to go for pen down stir and causing hardship to the common people. It is sad to note about the service mindset of the association, how Govt servants could dictate the GoAP policies and programme. This amount to CoSSAP having a parallel Govt to dictate.

It urged the GoAP to come out with strong mechanism to deal with such attitude of the employees and if necessary invokes service rules so that an atmosphere of decorum and discipline is adhered to by the  employees. The CoSSAP should rethink over its demands considering the younger generation lingering on in life without employment after completion education.

Pointing out that there are about 78,000 employees in GoAP service, if 15% to 25% retires  by 2020 it would accommodate more that 15000 to 20000 unemployed youths. If the GoAP does not consider such facts and figures and go with retirement age policy it would only invite stagnation and social unrest.

Taking note of pending pre and post matric scholarship issue, AAPSU strongly urged tribal affairs directorate to release fund within the stipulated time in July, as promised.  The Union has been pursuing for immediate disbursement since 13.12.16 and had apprised the Union Ministry level but the demand has not been fulfilled causing unrest among the students.

The AAPSU has resolved to take its future course of action if its demands are not met.

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