APCC flays BJP-led NDA Govt’s anti-secular acts

ITANAGAR| Jun 29 | Responding to the recent unfortunate incident of eviction of 51-year-old Khasi woman from Delhi Golf Club for wearing traditional Khasi attire Jainsem , APCC today   stated that Modi’s tall claim of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas fell vacuum.

The Vikas cannot happen unless the people of the nation is  standing tall unitedly. The incident clearly indicates racial attack on her. Such repeated racial attack is inducting alienation  instead of  Sabka Saath among Northeast Indians by own compatriots, APCC said in a release.

APCC further criticised  that under BJP-NDA Govt reign the NE Indian hotel employees in Gujrat were kept at distance during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jingping and  also BJP in its one of the Vision Document  controversially dismissed the identity of entire Northeast Indians as immigrants. Hence, alienation is forced on NE Indians and such callous attitude of BJP-NDA  govt. is creating a vaccum for the people of India to doubt their conviction towards the Northeasterns.

“In your country clothes makes a gentleman, in my country character does” Swami Vivekananda had once said in America when he was disrespected and disparaged for the clothes he wore. Then why there is  growing intolerance , unwelcoming attitude, ghettoizing or stereotyping of certain group of people. The diversity of the country cannot be dismissed by calling some one’s attire as  maid look alike especially  in a country which is currently ruled by a party  which strongly imbibes the teaching of Swami Vivekanada, APCC asserts.

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