Toko Yame muder case | Hand over probe to CBI within 7 days: Father

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR| May 15 |  Family members of late Toko Yame waited for several months to let the law take its own course but their patience seemingly wavered as they demanded today that the probe be handed over to CBI within seven days.

Yame’s father Koya Yame, while talking to media persons in APC here, expressed his lack of confidence on the SIT in delivering justice for his son’s death.

Yame’s semi-decomposed body was found on 16.09.17 at Biga waterfall in Tawang district following a scuffle with local students there.

Stating that the death of his son is “a communal issue” as it was “Tawang Monpa versus gidu (a term used for non-locals in Tawang)”, he alleged that the public, students and police personnel were involved in “murdering” his son. He claimed that during the incident, non-local students of JNV Tawang were also thrashed by the mob while referring to them as gidus.

Providing grisly details about the injuries on his son’s body, Koya alleged that his son was subjected to inhumane torture before being killed. He also claimed that they found that his son’s hands were put in boiling water, an ear and an eyeball were missing, one of his knees and his skull was punctured, there were restrained marks on wrist and neck, and stab marks on the throat.

“It was a cold-blooded murder. If this is not murder then what is it? And it all happened in the so call heaven on earth,” said the aggrieved father. “I ask the chief minister what should we do? Should we still trust you to deliver justice or should we take our own course of actions,” he said while informing that with each passing month, members of the investigating teams are getting transferred and that no charge-sheet has been filed by the authorities so far.

Notably, since the incident, more than 30 individuals were detained but all were released as they were juveniles, one person who was not minor was also released, and the DGP, SP crime branch (Hq), and SP Tawang have been transferred.

Claiming that many of the alleged accused is roaming freely and that the matter has been “resolved” by bribing officials, Koya said that they do not believe in revenge but the authorities should not compel them to take law into their own hands.    He, however, sought the people’s support to get justice for his son.

All East Kameng District Students’ Union (AEKDSU) president Chakang Yangda while terming the incident as “a pre-planned murder” stated that the case should have been solved much earlier as the home minister belongs to the same community as the victim and the CM is from the same constituency where the incident happened.

He informed that if the GoAP fails to hand over the case to the CBI and terminate police personnel present during the scuffle, they will take their own course of actions, including economic blockade against Tawang district within seven days.

He claimed that all community-based students’ unions in West Kameng district are also ready to extend their support if the GoAP fails to address their demands.

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