Shani Temple foundation day celebration on Jan 12

By A O News Service

NAHARLAGUN, Jan 10: The 7th foundation day of Shani Temple would be celebrated in E Sector here near Chandni Hotel, Naharlagun Shani Temple Committee sources said; adding state’s lone temple was built and consecrated on 01.01.11.

A new concrete structure is coming up adjacent to the temple near a papal tree where statue of Lord Hanuman would be installed, the sources said, adding hundreds of devotees visit the temple  daily, particularly on Saturday to seek obeisance of Lord Shani, known as God of Justice in Hindu mythology and offer benefits to all as per their deeds. Pipal tree is the abode of Shani, according to some Indian texts.

Shani is a deity in medieval era texts, who is considered inauspicious and the bringer of bad luck. He is a deity who gets angry easily and takes thorough revenge on whoever made him upset. In medieval Hindu literature, inconsistent mythologies sometimes refer to him as the son of Sun and Chayya (shadow), or as the son of Balarama and Revati. His alternate names include AraKona and Kroda.

However, Shani is worshipped mainly on for Saturday, the day correspondents to a day after Saturn in Greco-Roman convention for naming the days of the week. The zodiac and naming system of Hindu mythology, including those on Shani as Saturn, likely developed in the centuries after the arrival of Greek astrologer with Alexander the Great, their zodiac signs being nearly identical.

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