PPA assures to amend defective Statehood Act

ITANAGAR, Mar 30: The People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) released 2019 election manifesto on Saturday stressing on defective Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Act, 1987 as core issue for ensuing simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

The PPA parliamentarians alone could create the much needed environment on the floor of the House for amendment of the defective Act 1987, the PPA said in a release, adding all former state MPs of other political parties have failed to take up this vital issue though it is the main cause of state’s continued dependence on the Centre’s largesse. This dependence leads to frequent defections to make mockery of Anti Defection Law besides giving way to instability, growing corruption and loss of faith in governance.

Moreover, the PPA has also targeted the unpopular, anti-democratic, anti-secular Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, particularly for the North East. The NDA’s announcement to enact it if voted to power was shocking.

The national parties reflect national issues in their manifestos by forgetting people of this frontier state. But, the PPA is committed to build its own state to justify the saying: charity begins at home, the release added.

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