Solve Yame murder case soon to end troubles of witnesses

ITANAGAR, Aug 30: The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) has urged the chief minister and home minister to immediately solve case of late Toko Yame, who was murdered at Tawang on 2017, as aggrieved deceased family is still waiting for justice.

The students, who were friends of the deceased in schools, are being called time to time by the court for hearing. They have to attend hearing at Tawang from different areas, some from remote villages while sometimes summon for hearing comes in the middle of the examination amounting to harassment for them, the ACS said in a release, adding their harassment intensifies when  the hearing gets canceled after their arrival.

Thus, the ACS made fervent plea to the GoAP, investigating agencies in particular, to solve the case soon to grant justice to the family members.

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