Modi-Khandu double-engine Govt helping speedy growth of Arunachal, says Natung 

ITANAGAR, Aug 30: The double-engine Govt led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre and Chief Minister Pema Khandu in the state is facilitating unprecedented growth and progress in Arunachal Pradesh, said WRD, Env. & Forest, Sports & Youth Affairs Minister Mama Natung.

He was speaking about recently launched book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi – Modi@20: Dreams Meeting Delivery – at a seminar organized by state BJP at Banquet Hall here on Tuesday.

The Modi Govt is consistently taking care of NE region for all round development indicating that more development is taking place in the state, he said, appreciating large number of state and central schemes and project taken up in the state.

While celebrating 75th year of India’s Independence, christened Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, it has been proved that India entered into Amrit Kaal with the 25-year-long leadup to India@100, Natung reasoned.

In this ‘Amrit Kaal’, every Indian with enthusiasm is aspiring to see faster growth of a new India, he said and urged all party workers to know about programmes and policies of the Govt at the grass root level to take their benefits.

Former Chief Information Commissioner Dr. Joram Begi, as resource person, while highlighting about the book – “Modi, the man India Trusts in a crises – written by Anupam Kher, and its author, said that over past two decades, both as Gujarat CM and Indian PM, Narendra Modi has overseen several crises, like ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and extreme natural disaster across India.

“PM Modi has always ensured an effective Govt response in times of calamities. His style of functioning ensures unwavering commitment and devotion from entire administration in change of disaster response and mitigation measures. The exponential pressure a leader faces in actual crises with hundreds of lives at stake and limited resources to utilize is unimaginable. Elected leaders, like Modi are expected to regularly handle crisis situations and ensure swift and effective responses. Uninterrupted governance over a period of two decades is a rare achievement for Indian politicians.

“A crisis is considered true test of leadership and Modi has delivered and has never shied away from leading from the front and demonstrated impeccable leadership. Modi has not only ensured a swift response and extensive assistance from the governance but also inspired crores of citizens to take individual action in collective interest,” Dr Begi added.

Dr. Joram Anya, another resource person, speaking on “Modi the Bhagirath Prayaasi written by Amish Tripathi”, said that king Bhagirath is familiar to us all. He was able administrator and a just monarch. He is most well known for bringing the celestial river Ganga to earth, and Mother Ganga has been at the heart of Indian identity for millennia.

Bhagirath Prayaasi is a phrase used to describe a formidable, paradigm shifting task, much like the word Herculean in the west. PM Modi has undertaken such an effort, a Bhagirath Prayaasi for Indian civilization. She said that Modi Govt has put great efforts into rejuvenating and restoring our cultural heritage across several countries and thus into reinforcing India’s contributions to their legacy.

While highlighting on land of pilgrims, she said that in the space of temples and spiritual centers, Modi Govt. has made steady but dramatic progress through patient transformations. She said that it has improved the infrastructure and facilities at many important religion pilgrimage site for Indian Christian, like Tamil Nadu.

Prof. Bhagabat Nayak, another resource person, speaking on “Towards a prosperous India written by Arvind Panagariya”, while highlights in details, said that the Govt. has also opened certain sectors to FDI that had remained closed under previous Govts and this was despite the passage of 25 years since the original decision to open Indian economy to FDI was taken.

Social spending under Modi has  two distinguished features. First, he has launched schemes on scale and completed them in a time bound fashion. The Modi Govt has also taken steps to improve citizens’ access to public services and adopted entirely faceless. Modi has endeavoured to improved governance holistically, the drive for digitalization to improve the ease of living, direct benefit transfer and initiatives to combat corruption have been a part of this effort.

Praising PM Modi’s political journey in the last two decades, MP Tapir Gao said: “what Modiji thinks today, world will think tomorrow and urged all political leaders to read “Modi@20: Dreams Meeting Delivery”.

Convenor Dr. Mohesh Chai and co-convenor Nanam Vivek also spoken.

State vice presidents Nani Lajie & Tagin Siga, besides host of office bearers attended the seminar, media co-convenor Nima Sange said in a release.

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