Why less success in UPSC by NE aspirants- An analysis 

By Robin Hibu

Heartiest congratulations to all 20 successful NE candidates who cracked UPSC Exams-2022.  But, we need to do more soul searching introspection….why only miniscule/few youth or negligible success in such national level competitions for bright careers in UPSC etc. It is time for spade works  to motivate our mostly sleeping lethargic directionless youth of eight NE states.   I can see and observe even those privileged aspirants to be in academic centres like Delhi. Most of them just hang around, waste their times and energy in useless partying, dating, no discipline life, mostly leading hedonistic life ….wasting hard earned money of their parents, parents have no idea about their children wasteful life in cities.

Most of our youth are not having that strong desire to achieve in life. Most of them are obsessed with mundane non-productive  temporary, to me less important, activities like  unionism, reckless time  and energy wastage  into  songs and drama like miss, mister, this idol, that idol, forming and breeding like rabbits in union’s formation, perennially having late night parties.

Thereafter mostly land into drunken brawls, PCR calls, even dying in road rage after drunken driving with their ethereal drunk Juliets as pillion riders on their bikes, many have died during fatal accidents, even many have died after falling down from high terrace of buildings in drunken condition after late night parties breaking their backbones or dancing disgracefully. under drunken state with all kind of people in late night parties.

I know many of you will object my views for telling the naked truth in cities abouot our youth from NE states.

But every day dealing with them – police cases, blood requirements after accidents, sending dead bodies back homes, embarrassing PCR calls after drunken late night brawls – my inner conscious prompted me to share the ugly truth of our youth in cities for all to ponder.

I am not surprised by abysmal performance of our youth in competitive exams, like UPSC.

Hope and pray, we all will ponder on this matter and all stake holders do a bit before it is too late for our younger generation pushing them into the abyss of self-destructive world.

(Opinions are personal and based on daily experiences of dealing with problems of youth in cities for years  through NGO Helping Hands, but without any offense to anyone- Delhi Police special commissioner-cum-NGO president)

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