Guv greets on Gumkum Gumpa, Moh Mol Fests

ITANAGAR, Apr 24: Governor Lt. General (Retd) K.T. Parnaik has greeted Arunachal Pradesh people on Gumkum Gumpa and Moh Mol festivals.

The Puroik community celebrates Gumkum Gumpa while Tangsa tribe celebrates Moh Mol.

In his message, the governor said that Arunachal Pradesh comprises numerous tribes, among which the Puroik community holds significant importance though traditional customs, development initiatives reached this community belatedly. I earnestly hope that Puroik brethren will proactively pursue education, prioritize health and access benefits of all Govt schemes.

The Moh-Mol, an agricultural festival that signifies end of an agricultural activity or beginning of crop season and the Tangsas have upheld these ancient traditions to celebrate this festival with immense joy and customary fervor since time immemorial. This admirable tradition hopefully would endure in the future to safeguard the rich cultural legacy of the state and Tangsas in particular.

Let the celebration usher in peace, communal harmony and prosperity and continue to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood among the people one and all, the message added. (PRO)

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